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You may have some question about estimates. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about estimates.


Are estimates free?

No. There is a fee that will be refunded upon completion of the repairs.


Do I need an appointment?

Yes, please call to make one. If you need an estimate outside of our regular operating hours, we can accommodate you.


Do I need to take my vehicle to one of the insurance company's preferred shops for an estimate?

No you do not. All you have to do is to make the vehicle available for inspection by the insurance company before repairs begin.


Do I need to have three estimates?



What happens if there is damage that is not currently visible?

If the vehicle is being repaired through insurance and there is more damage discovered when repairs begin, a supplement will be sent to the insurance company itemizing the cost of any additional repairs. We will call you to inform you of the additional damages/charges.

If the vehicle is not being repaired through insurance, we are required to notify the owner of any additional damages and costs, and require authorization from the owner before we carry out those repairs.


What type of parts will be listed on the estimate?

Our estimates are written with original parts from the manufacturer. Some insurance companies write their estimates with used, aftermarket, or reconditioned parts.


Can you help me save on or eliminate my deductible?

No. Any shop that agrees to this will have to take short cuts on making the repairs, which leads to the owner receiving a second-rate job. If the owner was to take the vehicle in to be sold or traded in, the value would be depreciated due to the second-rate repair work done.

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